H&M collaboration with Iris Apfel

H&M collaboration with Iris Apfel
source: https://www.harpersbazaar.com
I open the blog with a new creative project and a unique H&M collaboration with the eldest influencer in the world. The Instagram account of 100-year-old Iris Apfel has 2.1 million subscribers https://www.instagram.com/iris.apfel/?hl=ru . Lots of major brands cooperate with her, ranging from cosmetics and clothing to glassware and jewelry companies.

It was Iris who inspired me to start my blog with her collaboration. It's interesting to observe the brands seeking out-of-the-box solutions to stand out in the overfilled world of media. The collaboration with incredible Iris is a perfect example for me that you can do what you like at any age.

At the beginning of this year, the Iris Apfel x H&M collection is going to hit the stores. Swedish clothing brand H&M has announced a global collaboration with fashion icon Iris Apfel. The collection will include clothing and accessories designed by Iris for all ages and sizes. Floral suits, tiered dresses with ruffles, and dresses with bright prints, textures, interesting cuts, and patterns will be the main elements.

By the way, a concern for the environment also took its place in the collection. Items will be made from recycled and sustainable materials, while jewelry and accessories will be made from recyclable materials.

Iris collection is for big and round glasses, massive accessories, bright clothes in contrasting colors and patterns. She knows how to combine fashion for every day and elements of high fashion. Iris calls herself "the world's oldest teenager". She is also a collector, businesswoman, interior designer, fashion designer, and style icon.

Iris celebrated her centenary during Fashion Week Fall 2021. on the hundredth floor of the world's tallest skyscraper in New York in Manhattan's Central Park Tower. Harper's BAZAAR and the H&M brand helped arrange the celebration.

“Iris embodies a distinctive and unique style - a style that is both surprisingly flashy and eclectic, and at the same time completely timeless. It shows what fashion really is - it's a way to express yourself, who you are or who you want to be, having fun at the same time. Iris is incredibly inspiring in everything she does!”

Ann-Sophie Johansson, creative consultant at H&M.

source: https://www.harpersbazaar.com
“I think that the H&M brand is wonderful and is an unrivaled pioneer in its field, which appeals to me! I also do haute couture at affordable prices, which H&M is great at!”
Iris Apfel

“I think that the H&M brand is wonderful and is an unrivaled pioneer in its field, which appeals to me! I also do haute couture at affordable prices, which H&M is great at!”
Iris Apfel
How cool that in addition to a bright marketing campaign, consumers will see bright clothing that will help emphasize their individuality and style. I'm looking forward to seeing this collection to pick up a couple of stylish spring knick knacks.

Some interesting facts about Iris:

  • Iris was born in 1921 in New York. The mother of the future style icon Sadie Burrell was born in Russia.

  • Studied art history at New York University.

  • She began her career in journalism, working as an errand girl for the fashion publication Women's Wear Daily.

  • Had a side job as an assistanе to Robert Goodman, the illustrator.

  • A businesswoman and an interior designer - together with her husband Carl Apfel, with whom she lived for 68 years, she founded the textile company Old World Weavers and ran it until 1992. They specialized in recreating vintage fabrics.

  • The most incredible thing that has ever happened to her was a phone call in 2005. from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York with a proposal to arrange an exhibition of her collection, accessories and jewelry. Famous collector - for the first time in the history of world fashion, the museum dedicated an exhibition to a woman who is not a fashion designer. Hundreds of accessories and more than 80 sets of clothes were presented at the Rara Avis (rare bird) exposition.

  • In 2013 she was included in the list of the fifty best dressed people older than50 according to The Guardian.

  • At the age of 97, IMG signed her as a model.

  • Documentary film "Iris", 2014, USA, 79 min. - about the history of fashion icon Iris Apfel, who has held a valuable place on the New York fashion scene for decades. The director is the legendary Albert Meisles. He followed the heroine around Manhattan, adding some interviews with her fans and Nikon footage and 16mm film stock from the family archive.

  • Autobiographical book by Iris Apfel, An Icon by Chance: Reflections on Fashion, Style and Life. The book holds funny stories from her childhood, curious facts and descriptions of outfits selected by Iris, famous photographers and artists of the fashion world have also graced its pages.
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