Why did I decide to launch my blog?
Because I found my professional ikigai, Japanese secrets of happiness.

What do I like?
I love creating content and writing. Professionally, I like innovative solutions that harmoniously combine brand, audience, content and creativity.

What can I do?
I know how to look for growth points for business development, analyze the market, trends and competitors. I identify insights, analyze and segment audiences.

I am able to work with brand communications, develop content strategies and creative concepts of new products. I know all the stages of production in the creative and I know how to manage them. Therefore, for a blog, I am a strategist, producer, editor-in-chief, creative director and author in one person.

What does the world need?
Marketers and advertisers are looking for new ideas and inspiration for the company's business development, conduct marketing research, analyze the market and competitors, and are interested in foreign cases. Therefore, I share trends in brand communications and advertising in my blog.

The blog inspires me to move forward and to further professional development. Perhaps he will inspire you too, join us http://brandslifeinspiration.com
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Hello, my friends!

The launch of this blog was inspired by my professional love for brands, innovative solutions that harmoniously combine brand, audience, content and creativity altogether.

Together we will find out about trends in marketing communications.
As a professional I have already helped hundreds of local and international brands working with content and implementing their communication strategy in different media.

Best wishes,

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