innovative cocktail for generation Z from Billie Eilish

How Nike and Jordans won Billie Eilish
innovative cocktail for generation Z from Billie Eilish
How Nike and Jordans won Billie Eilish
Dear readers and guests of the weblog, my professional curiosity continues to disclose secrets of brands by means of a marketing key. In this article, I will share secret ingredients of the new collaboration of Billie Eilish with Nike brand of sportswear and footgear with you.

Nike presented a sustainable collection of eco-friendly vegan footgear and clothes in April 2022 together with the cult-figure of generation Z and the superstar. Billie Eilish adds music to sport like a bartender mixes ingredients for a new cocktail.

As I see it, Nike holds on one of the goals of sustainable development, eco-friendliness, in this collaboration. The brand scrutinizes vegetive alternatives to skins of animals. In summer, Nike launched the “Happy pineapple” collection in addition to cooperation with Eilish. The collection is made of piñatex, the vegan leather, made of pineapple leaves instead of animal skin. Nike frequently reexamines every step of its work beginning with materials to product delivery in order to reduce the amount of its emissions.

The sustainability marketing* or marketing of sustainable development focuses on a buyer with its needs and attitude to it, as well as environmental and social values.

We see how Nike responds to vegetarian preferences of consumers in the course of developing collaboration. At that, the brand creates the footgear, which is collected by the buyers. The SaveOnEnergy agency qualified Nike as the most resaleable in the world. Billie Eilish acts both as a music star, and as an influencer, who the brand launches the product with.

*- “Sustainability” concept in terms of marketing is expounded in the article for portal about marketing and advertisement ADPASS, full version at

Billie Eilish has changed the entertainment industry by her music; she has made a massive impact on the world culture of our times. The remarkable thing is that she is a prominent representative of generation Z (age of 10 to 25 years); she can communicate with this generation by means of her creative work. Billie remains to be a tween girl with her complexes, problems and emotional struggle. The teenagers and young people feel like belonging to contemporary society through her songs. And this capability has helped her rise quickly to the top of hit parades all over the world.
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For the sake of collaboration, the singer has changed the design of Air Force 1 High cult model to use more eco-friendly materials. At that, silhouette is associated with the 40th anniversary of releasing Air Force 1 High. This model is one of the most famous throughout the entire brand history.

She helped develop the beige colour clothes in her identity oversize style, hoodie, skimmies and T-shirt to suit the athletic shoes. She likes wearing big-size clothes in ordinary life not to demonstrate her body.

«The challenge and opportunity with this collection were to respect the originals, but make them my own»

Billie Eilish
«The challenge and opportunity with this collection were to respect the originals, but make them my own»

Billie Eilish
According to the description on the Nike website, the athletic shoes have been developed taking into account the “sustainable development”.

Interesting facts about Billie Eilish:

  • In 2022, she became the Academy Award Winner together with her brother Finneas O'Connell for the song "No Time To Die". The song was written to the last film about James Bond "No Time To Die"

  • Eilish has 7 Grammy music awards

  • In 2021, Time magazine included her into the “100 most influential people of 2021” list.

  • In 2021, the documentary film “Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry” was released. The film describes her childhood and home, the work on her album of hits “Where do we go, when we fall asleep?”

  • In 2019, the Billboard declared Eilish the “Woman of the year”. The first singer, who was born in the 2000s and her single became No.1 in the Billboard.

  • Being 12-year-old, she adopted veganism and made use of her popularity for animal welfare and ecological advantages of plant-based diet.

  • The Tourette's syndrome was diagnosed in Billie’s childhood. The illness manifests itself in nervous tics, as a result, a person fails to control some pronounced sounds and words.

Nike together with Eilish presented the collaboration of Air Jordan model in the fall of 2021. The Air Jordan 1 KO and Air Jordan 15 models were reworked. Both pairs are 100% vegan and made of 20% of recycled materials without animal derived materials. The idea corresponds to her vegan way of life. The models have been sold out in the shops of Nike immediately after beginning the sales.

“I have always liked Jordans” and the creation thereof was so crazy, surrealistic, arresting, startling experience. As if a bigger part of it was the aspect of sustainability,” said Eilish.

The decision to use Air Jordan 15 athletic shoes as a basis belonged to Eilish; she likes these shoes from her childhood and considers them convenient, despite the exterior imperfections. Ghost Green Air Jordan 1 have been made in bright green colour preferred by the singer.

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