10 Unseen Films About Well-Known Brands:

A Must-Have for Marketers and Advertisers

10 Unseen Films About Well-Known Brands:

A Must-Have for Marketers and Advertisers
source: https://www.unsplash.com
The films on this list will inspire fresh ideas for how to promote your brand and grow your business.

You are probably familiar with the scenario where you want to watch an inspirational film about the brand appearance but don't have much time to look for and select one. During COVID-19-isolation, I did market research on movies about global brands and chose captivating biopics of their creators that were based on real-life events.

Here is a useful list that will save you time when choosing something new to watch:

  • Entrepreneurs and executives looking for new ideas, new directions, and inspiration for company business development.

  • Marketers who promote the brand develop PR campaigns, build and maintain the company's image, implement communication strategies, find out-of-the-box placements, and integrate the brand into content. As well as for marketing professionals.

  • Anyone who is self-educated and interested in legendary personalities, favourite brands, and their creators.

The films on the list are arranged in ascending order of rating on Kinopoisk.
source: https://www.essentialmk.com/
10. Yves Saint Laurent, 2013
Kinopoisk rating – 6.2

A revealing film about the genius of haute couture. Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, his partner in life and business, are the protagonists. Pierre Bergé was engaged in the shoot and provided 77 unique outfits from the collection.

The life story of a French designer, his professional development, and his career from assistant to Creative Director. He is chasing his mission and vision, seeking out sources of inspiration, and continuously working on creating a new collection. The work is broken down into clear stages, the process is repeated every season, and it requires the craftsman to continually improve the product.
“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”
Yves Saint Laurent
source: https://www.unsplash.com
9. House of Versace, 2013
Kinopoisk rating – 6.4

Based on true events, this film tells the story of the Versace fashion design house after Gianni Versace's murder in 1997. The film's protagonists are the Gianni Versace family. The film was released on the 35th anniversary of Gianni Versace S.p.A.

The film shows how difficult it is to run a giant beauty empire—about burnout, family support, and bankruptcy. Pret-a-porter and haute couture, another round of business development, and the family business goes on again. It is very clearly explained how target audiences and positioning work.
“My collections had bad reviews but I have always known that I wouldn't be able to do what Gianni did. To stay on the market, you have to look for something new.”
Donatella Versace
source: https://www.unsplash.com
8. The Current War, 2017
Kinopoisk rating – 6.6

A fascinating tale of competitive genius. The protagonists in the film are inventor Thomas Edison, engineer George Westinghouse, and physicist Nikola Tesla.

Surprisingly enough, General Electric helped make this film possible to see. Thomas Edison was one of its founders (played by Benedict Cumberbatch.) The integration of General Electric is talked about for about 3 minutes in the film.
The film is about breaking into the future and dominating the market. It is about discoveries and inventions, about direct and alternating current, about morality, snobbery, and stamina; and about the power of Niagara Falls and the kinetoscope.
“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”
Thomas Edison
source: https://www.unsplash.com
7. Joy, 2015
Kinopoisk rating – 6.8

The story of talented inventor and successful female entrepreneur Joy Mangano, who invented the self-wringing Miracle Mop and built her own business empire. The protagonists in the film are Joy Mangano, Neil, Joy's father Rudy, and Tony Miranne. With a $60 million budget, the box office of the film was $101.1 million.

The film tells her story of becoming a businesswoman and trying to sell her very first patented product. Funding problems in the early stages of developing and producing a mop she wanted to use herself. She doesn't give up and goes on!

Now one of the ten most creative women in the country, Mangano is the founder and CEO of Clean Boss, a company that designs and sells cleaning products. She holds more than 100 patents and trademarks for her inventions, from velvet-covered coat hangers to the My Little Steamer, a portable crease-smoothing device.
source: https://www.unsplash.com
“Don't be afraid to have a reality check. Taking risks is OK, but you must be realistic.”
Joy Mangano
6. That's the Name of the Game! Adidas vs. Puma, 2016

Kinopoisk rating – 7.2

The story of two brothers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, from the German town of Herzogenaurach, their family shoe factory, and the global brands Adidas and Puma.

The film is about competition—how the brothers made decisions and what forces drove them further into the unknown. The designs were created by the talented craftsman Adolphe, who had a dream of having the world's best athletes wear his footwear.

Rudolf, in turn, was responsible for the business plan, sales, and marketing. Their collaborative efforts made the factory successful, but their rivalry caused them to part ways.

The movie is doing a great job of addressing the target audience, its needs, and pain.
“You need good thinkers around you. Without them, you will go broke.”
Rudolf Dassler
source: https://www.unsplash.com
5. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, 2019
Kinopoisk rating – 7.2

A cover story about Esquire magazine and popular TV host Fred Rogers. The film's protagonists are journalist Lloyd Vogel and TV host Fred Rogers.

It covers real events and an article in Esquire on 1 November 1998 by journalist Tom Junod. On a budget of $25 million, the film's box office take so far is $67.1 million.

The brand gradually introduces itself to the audience through well-crafted storytelling. Special consideration should be given to a case study on incorporating a brand into a programme. Nominations and awards: Actors Guild; Oscar; Golden Globe; British Academy.
source: https://classic.esquire.com/
4. The Founder, 2016
Kinopoisk rating – 7.6

The presentation on how the McDonald's company and brand got started is both entertaining and inspiring. The protagonists are Mac and Dick McDonald brothers and Ray Kroc, a mixer salesman.

You gain inspiration and energy from the film, which motivates you to succeed. The protagonist is aware of aspiration and tenacity. In addition to the restaurant business, Kroc is also launching a real estate business. He sets up the business processes, lines up the stages of work, and builds the franchise.

Branding lessons and working with brand value are noteworthy. The Great Depression caused a quick-service family restaurant to take the place of the cinema. The importance of family values is emphasised in the film.
“We are not technically in the food business. We are in the real estate business.”
Ray Kroc
source: https://www.unsplash.com
3. Kalashnikov, 2020
Kinopoisk rating – 7.7

A film about Russian and Soviet small arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov, who received the Stalin Prize for his legendary AK-47 assault rifle. The protagonists of the film are Mikhail Kalashnikov, Katerina Moiseeva, and Lyutyi. The movie was produced in honour of Mikhail Kalashnikov's 100th birthday.

A story about an inventor's talent, his dedication and hard work, his failures, his service to his country, his patriotism, and his long-awaited victory.
source: https://kalashnikovgroup.ru/
«The hardest thing to do is the easiest.”
Mikhail Kalashnikov
2. Carl & Bertha, 2011
Kinopoisk rating – 7.7

The beautiful love story of Karl Benz, the creator of the first automobile, and his wife Bertha.
Curiously, the film was released in the same year as Mercedes-Benz celebrated its 85th anniversary; Carl Benz was one of the company's founders. This was a great PR opportunity!

The story depicts Karl and Bertha's trailblazing journey from concept to realisation, prototype to prototype. The focus is on creating value for customers. The effort involved in locating investors and their resistance to adopting new technologies. The film inspires perseverance, patience, and faith in yourself and your business.

My main takeaway from it was to trust your instincts and take action.
«My first customer was a lunatic. My second had a death wish.»
Karl Benz
source: https://group.mercedes-benz.com/
1. Ford v Ferrari, 2019
Kinopoisk rating – 8.2

A film about car designer Carroll Shelby and driver Ken Miles, who create a revolutionary race car for Ford to defeat Ferrari.

The film had a budget of $97.6 million and its box office was $225.5 million; it won Oscar, BAFTA, Sputnik, etc., nominations and awards.

The story of the development and launch of the GT40 racing car. This project inspired the team to keep improving. A test at the 1960 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France helped the creators assess the performance and make a name for themselves. How do you make it better when it appears that nothing else can be done? The marketing focus intensifies with the appearance of manager Lee Iacocca. It is easy to see the intricate work that provides competitive advantages. An excellent illustration of how to successfully and profitably complete a PR project.
source: https://corporate.ford.com/operations/locations.html
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